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QR-Code Labels

Encrypted messages instead of classical Information

The number of smartphone and tablet PC users has rapidly increased in recent years, thus, creating new marketing opportunities for companies out of the link between the real and digital world. So-called QR codes are being increasingly used on labels and make an effective marketing tool out of pure product labelling.

QR labels are provided with a so-called QR code. It basically consists of a quadratic pattern with small squares in three corners and black and white data pixel in between. This pattern produces an encrypted message and can be read from mobile end devices. It can relate to a link (URL) any text or also a number combination. QR codes are similar to barcodes, but unlike the latter can contain both horizontal and vertical information. QR labels can be customised and give the customer far more information than that which can be printed on a classical label.

QR code labels – almost endless opportunities

QR code labels provide the user of a mobile end device with a wide range of information. Unlike classical labels used for product labelling, so much more information can be gleaned than the text and images found on the label. When the QR Code is linked to a website or database, the company can enjoy a particularly large scope as to what information it wants to provide to its customers with a QR code. In addition to advanced product information, the QR code labels can also instigate competitions, special premiums, special offers, company information and product catalogues. The customised labels create a wide variety of opportunities, which can be flexibly used at a company and industry level. QR labels are a modern marketing tool that can put cost-effective, versatile and creative ideas into practice.

QR-Code labels: Examples