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NFC Labels

Innovative labels for product labelling

Wireless transmission technology NFC ("Near Field Communication") is becoming increasingly important. An increasing number of companies make use of the opportunity to provide information to their customers or carry out marketing campaigns using NFC. With so-called NFC labels, this modern transmission standard can also be used in product labelling. Much more information than can be printed on the label is given to the customer in this way.

NFC labels provide information that customers can access with their smartphone or tablet PC. By reading the NFC chip on the label, an Internet connection is made with the phone or tablet, which allows direct contact with the company database. All sorts of information can be stored here – from additional product details, promotional material and company information to special promotions or premiums. NFC labels can be supplied with every imaginable subject matter through the internet and thus divulge so much more information than that which fits on a classical label. Thus, the label can not only be used for product labelling but also for marketing campaigns and strengthening the company image.

NFC Labels emphasize a company's commitment to innovation

NFC labels offer numerous opportunities which can be attuned to companies of any industry and size. The NFC labels not only depict a lot of information – companies that use NFC labels also clearly show their affinity to technology and innovation. The growing number of NFC-enabled end devices makes the use of NFC labels ever more interesting and allows the engagement of different markets and media.