Statically adhering labels

by Bossert GmbH

Mark your sensitive products with statically adhering labels by Bossert. The labels are statically charged and adhere on almost all smooth surfaces. Compared to conventional adhesive labels they can be removed without leaving any adhesive residues.

The statically adhering labels are made of tranparent foil that is statically charged and printed with your individual logo or motif. The shape of the labels can be chosen freely. Since the labels do not loose their static charge they are suitable for multiple uses.

By using statically adhering labels you can protect sensitive surfaces like glass or high-quality plastics  from scratches and adhesive residues. These labels are often used in the optics and eyewear sector for the labelling of eyeglass lenses and as protective foil. Statically adhering labels are intended for promotional and informational purposes as well as for the protection of your products.