by Bossert GmbH

Surveillance and theft protection made easy with RFID tags

Brand new to our product assortment: injection moulded RFID tags (radio frequency identification tags). Our RFID tags serve first and foremost to secure and label high quality products like luxurious jewellery and gemstones. The functionality is simple: the RFID transponders are beeing embedded in the injection moulded tags so that they are invisible from the outside. Due to this technology the tags protect against theft and furthermore they make warehouse management much easier.

The surveillance of goods with RFID tags is very effective as the transponder is not recognized as such but can be detected by a reader placed at the entrance area of your shop. Cabinets or showcases also can be equipped with this security system in order to register all movements of a product. All products labeled with rfid tags that are inside the cabinet are automatically registered – no need to check all the items manually.

More information about our RFID tags and some examples you will find here.