125 years Bossert

by Bossert GmbH

Bossert celebrates 125 years anniversary

In 1890 Bossert started his production of labels and seal stamps in a cellar in Friedenstrasse in Pforzheim. Bossert once started with simple punching machines and a manual letterpress machine. Over time, the requirements and request increased and larger machines had to, so that Bossert 1962 moved to the Simmlerstra├če in Pforzheim. Technical progress did not stop at Bossert and so modern machines gradually found their way into the production process. In 1982, the name change to labels Bossert GmbH & Co. In 2001, the Bossert family sold the business to a young entrepreneur.

Today, Bossert is part of the Kling Group. The group of companies not only enables Bossert to have a larger technical spectrum and thus more product diversity, but also benefits from the innovative spirit of Kling. In addition to the classic labels, there are a large number of new products for product labeling and brand presentation, such as logo displays and inscriptions.