Digital Printing

by Bossert GmbH

Bossert now offers digitally printed labels and promotional articles. Three new digital printing machines were purchased to complete the machinery and therefore widen Bossert’s range of products.The digital printing machines allow Bossert to print chiseled, rough and uneven surfaces withour any problems. With the new digital printing machines Bossert is able to print on objects up to a height of 15 cm. Furthermore almost all materials can be printed digitally – be it poly, plexi, acryl, metal, plastic, glass, film or paper – the possibilities are almost unlimited.

The new printing technology allows Bossert to work efficiently in a short production time achieving excellent and high-quality printing results. Digital printing offers an cost-efficient alternative to e. g. offset printing. There are no time-consuming set-up times and therefore smaller quantities can be produced economically.