Exclusive branding with metal stickers

Give your products an exclusive and high-end finishing with our metal stickers – made of real metal! The stickers are adhesive to virtually any smooth surface and they are very easy to attach to your product.

Overview - Metal Stickers

Material self-adhesive sticker made of real metal in two different colours (gold and silver)
Finishing sheets in different shapes and sizes

Metal Stickers: Examples

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Metal tags and metal stickers

Metal stickers are suitable for both small, delicate motifs and for larger letterings. Individual letters or combination structures can be created. The metal surface ensures the high quality and attractive appearance of any motif. What makes our metal stickers so special is that they are easy to peel off the transparent adhesive foil and are self-adhesive on a number of materials. So you can stick them, not just onto plastic or glass signs, but even onto spectacles or even dials.