Since 2009 Bossert is part of the Kling Group that currently consists of six independant companies. Each company is specialist in its own area and benefits from the synergies within the group.

Kling GmbH

Presentation of goods at the point of sale

Kling GmbH is leader in sales-promoting presentation concepts for the pos. Kling manufactures presentation systems of highest quality - customized to the special needs of its customers.

Kling Swiss SA

Commercial establishment of Kling in Switzerland

Kling Swiss develops high-end presentation and packaging solutions for the Swiss market. Particularly in the watch industry Kling Swiss established its brand over the past years successfully.

Faisst GmbH

Manufacturer of aluminium and industrial cases

Since 1963, Faisst has produced high-quality transport and presentation cases for every professional purpose. Tailor-made precision inserts are specially coordinated to the products.

Global Tender Asia Ltd.

Trade organisation with registered office in China

With its headquarters in Hong Kong, Global Tender is a competent long-term partner of Kling in the production of packaging, decorations, displays, display cases as well as cases and drawers.


Design agency

Tablo develops extraordinary designs and supports you with the skilful staging of the brand presentation. Product design, graphic design, object design and communications design are the core competencies of the agency.


Technical Solutions

The service sector of Kling GmbH above all is specialized in acrylic glass, plastics and foam processing.


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