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Hologram Labels

Distinctive design, fascinating depth effect

Today, different types of labels are available for product labelling. Companies that place value on secure and distinctive product labelling are well-advised to use so-called hologram labels. In hologram labels, text or graphics are placed on different levels with multiple colours accentuating the two- or three-dimensional. The depth effect gives the labels a particularly high quality visual appearance and also makes them extremely forgery-proof.

Hologram labels with a high level of protection against forger

It is extremely difficult to forge hologram labels, so these labels are particularly suitable for protection against piracy. With multi-dimensional labels it is possible to attach overt or hidden security features which provide additional protection against forgery. So-called track and trace systems are compatible with hologram labels and make it possible to completely trace a product. In addition to the product safety offered by hologram labels, the distinctive design also speaks in favour of these types of label: Hologram labels have a high brand recognition and thus contribute to strengthening awareness of the company.

Hologram labels are suitable for different purposes. They are not only used in product labelling or packaging, but also used as CD or DVD copy protection, as seal labels or on identity cards, contracts and documents. Plastic cards or business cards are now also often equipped with hologram labels. In addition to standard labels, hologram labels can be customized, thus making them distinctive and unique. Text and images can be likewise placed on the labels.

Hologram labels: Examples