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Barcode Labels

Optimize work flow and processes with barcode labels

Barcode labels are an indispensable part of everyday business today. These are labels that display numbers (e.g. item numbers) in a bar system that can be read directly from a barcode scanner. Previously, product lists were hung up at the checkout and prices were manually entered but today barcode labels save a lot of time and effort and make many processes faster and more efficient. A short click with the hand-held scanner is sufficient – in addition to the item number, further information about the product can also be gathered, such as prices, addresses, or manufacturing data.

Barcode-Labels: Examples

Personalised barcode labels and QR code label

Today barcode labels are available in different sizes and colours and are made from different materials. They are used as roll labels or also as labels made out of paper, metal or plastic and are equipped with a fixed or consecutively numbered barcode if requested. The labels can be designed according to the individual requirements of a company. Whether to automate warehousing, control the flow of goods or track and dispatch goods more efficiently and securely – barcode labels fulfil many requirements and can thus be used across all industries.

In addition to the classical barcode labels, labels with QR code (QR = Quick Response) are becoming increasingly established. The codes consist of three boxes, each filled with a square. Black pixels between the boxes are arranged differently depending on the information to be encrypted. The QR codes can be read by mobile end devices and their content can be personalised.